Any discussion of kindness usually focuses on how a person can help others and we emphatically agree that should be a primary focal point. However, there is a growing body of evidence pointing to the benefits of such kindness on the giver as well.

Psychologically, performing acts of kindness make us feel grateful, empathetic and compassionate.  These positive feelings give us a sense of belonging and community. Biologically, kindness releases chemicals like oxytocin, “the love hormone”, which is said to make us more trusting, generous, and friendly.  As well as, serotonin and dopamine, which are involved in lessening pain, depression, and anxiety.  Combined, these physiological and biological effects have been coined “the Helper’s High” or the “Giver’s Glow”.

Many studies have confirmed the practice of performing Acts of Kindness is so effective in contributing to your mood and overall well-being that it is being formally incorporated into some types of psychotherapy. According to Dr. IsHak, a professor of psychiatry at Cedar-Sinai, “The trick you need to know is that Acts of Kindness have to be repeated.  Biochemically, you can’t live on the 3-4 minute oxytocin boost that comes from a single act.”

Acts of Kindness reward both those who give and those who receive them.  Together we can better our own mental well-being and the well-being of those around us.

Acts of Kindness “compound”.  The more you give, the more they grow.

Please Join us for our 2023 Annual Kindness Challenge to promote mental wellness and to raise awareness of its importance.

Our goal is to distribute 3,000 Nick’s Way Kindness Bands in our community in the hopes that wearing them reminds the wearer to perform daily acts of Kindness no matter how small. Think about it…a daily act of kindness for each of the 3,000 bands equals more than a MILLION smiles and helper’s highs!

We are hoping to, once again, partner with your favorite local establishments to distribute the bands. Last year’s inaugural effort was a huge success with bands distributed by friends, family members, local favorite establishments like Chik-fil-a, Coaches Corner, Velocity Wings, Trinity House Café, and Robin Lee Hair and Makeup. Nick’s Way Kindness Challenge Bands made their way to over 8 states, many schools and hundreds of families. Let’s make the impact felt even farther this year!

Look for the 2023 bands this summer.

2023 bracelet