For our initial community impact program, we have established a Mental Health Therapy Fund (“the Fund”).  For those facing mental health challenges, therapy is critical to making a positive difference;  especially in a crisis situation.  Therapy is a structured program and time is of the essence.

Donations to Nick’s Way will go to support this Fund.  Consistent with our mission, this program teams with clinicians and local organizations focused on the mental wellness of teens and young adults in our community.  While we understand mental health therapy is needed for all ages, the Fund is new and its limited resources are focused on our teens and young adults.

The Fund’s objective is to support these young people (and their families) in need of therapy that face a financial obstacle.  Financial assistance can be needed for many reasons, and often its simply because our health care system does not timely insure mental health needs, if at all.

The Fund is currently active, and Nick’s Way will pay for up to 12 clinical therapy sessions for anyone meeting eligibility for these services. Currently, the therapy sessions will be provided by Mountain View Therapy Group (the “Clinic”), in Purcellville, Virginia. (Dependent on success, we hope to add more mental health providers in the future.)  The Clinic will conduct its standard process to determine a person’s eligibility for clinical therapy services as a client of the Clinic.  If financial assistance is needed, the Clinic will coordinate directly with Nick’s Way for payment assistance.  The Fund is dependent on donations and has limited financial resources.  Accordingly, Nick’s Way may not be able to pay for all clients who are seeking these services.  Because of this limitation, financial assistance from the Fund for therapy services will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

If you are a teen or young adult in need of clinical therapy and in need of financial assistance through the Fund, please contact Mountain View Therapy Group directly at (571) 364-0757 or

We want to make this financial assistance as confidential and simple for you as possible.  Nick’s Way is not a health care provider and is not a “covered entity” under HIPPA.  You should not contact Nick’s Way for these services or disclose your name or any personal/health information to Nick’s Way.  The Clinic will also not disclose this information to us.  The sole role of the Fund is to provide indirect financial support for those seeking clinical therapy services who need the assistance. Nick’s Way makes payment for these services directly to the Clinic, not to any individual.  Nick’s Way has no involvement in determining eligibility for the Clinic’s services or eligibility for any other health services. Nick’s Way does not guarantee eligibility for services nor does it guarantee the quality or effectiveness of any services that may be provided by the Clinic.